How to Remove Dip Powder


  • Acetone

  • Nail Filer

  • Cotton Balls

  • Aluminium Foil

  • Cuticle Oil (optional)

Example Products:

How to Remove Dipping in 6 Simple Steps:

1. File off top shiny layer with a nail filer.

2. Soak your nail in acetone by ripping a cotton ball in half, soaking it in acetone until its fully saturated, and pressing it on top of each nail.

3. Wrap a piece of aluminum foil around each cotton top nail. This should take about 10-15 minutes.

4. When the time is up, take off the foil. Gently remove the cotton ball in a swiping motion.

5. Repeat step 2-4 if necessary.

6. Rub off any excess powder with a cotton ball dipped in acetone.